Intro to FCRC's Online Mapping

Introduction to FCRC's Online Mapping
This video covers basic tools and how to access the mapping through your web browser.

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Measuring Distance & Area Help Video

Measuring Distance & Area
This video demonstrates how to measure distance & area using the measuring tools in the FCRC's online mapping system.

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Searching for a Property

Searching for a Property
This video demonstrates how to search for a property using the FCRC's online mapping system.

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Printing a Map

Printing A Map
This video demonstrates how to print a map using the FCRC's online mapping system.

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Using the information select tool

Using the Information Select Tool
This video demonstrates how to use the information select tool in the FCRC's online mapping system.

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More Videos Coming Soon

More Videos Coming Soon
The FCRC GIS team is currently filming new tutorial videos, more mapping fun coming soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I change the workspace or map theme without going back to the mapping index?

    Once you have entered the mapping system, you should be able to see the words 'SELECT THEME' just to the right of the Fraser Coast Regional Council logo. Just below 'SELECT THEME' is the workspace/map theme you are currently viewing. If you click on this text you can access a dropdown menu outlining all of the map themes available via the online mapping system. Just select the map theme you are looking for by clicking on the map theme in the dropdown menu. Once clicked, the map will refresh to display the map layer of your choice.

  • How can I quickly zoom to the map of a town area (e.g., Howard, Poona) using the online mapping system?

    The very first icon in the toolbar that looks like a browser window with an icon of the Earth inside is the 'Jump to Location/Town view' tool. When you move your mouse over the tool (without clicking) a drop down box will appear outlining the main towns and locations throughout the Fraser Coast region. Just click the location you are looking for and the map will refresh to reveal the location you selected.

  • Where can I view a map of the most up-to-date Council-owned underground infrastructure within Fraser Coast region?

    Council is responsible for maintaining infrastructure that include water, stormwater, sewerage and fibre within the Fraser Coast LGA region. From the Map Index, either click on the Underground Infrastructure Assets or click on View All Maps and choose W Underground Infrastructure Assets to see an interactive map of Council-owned trunk infrastructure.

    If you are planning to do any excavation works, you are responsible for lodging a Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) request through website to get maps of underground infrastructure over your area of interest. Fraser Coast Regional Council is part of the Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) network along with the likes of Telstra, Ergon committed to provide maps of underground infrastructure to customers . Currently, you will get water and sewerage plans over your area of interest along with fibre infrastructure. To get the Stormwater infrastructure, please lodge a Flood and Stormwater Search Application through Council’s Customer Service.

    If you need any help regarding this, please contact Council on Ph: 1300 79 49 29 or via email.
    Tough laws and penalties apply for damaging Council’s infrastructure.

  • Still Need Help?

    Hopefully this help page has resolved your issue. If you are still having trouble using the online mapping system contact the FCRC GIS team via email or call 1300 79 49 29 and ask to be transferred to GIS.
  • Found an error?

    If you spot something that doesn't look quite right, please let us know via email. We'd be happy to look into it to ensure all our data is accurate and up to date.