Property Map Theme

Property Mapping
Search and view property information, search for an address, property number or lot plan, suburb and electoral divisions.

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Waste Map Theme

Waste Services Mapping
View your bin day, waste collection areas, waste facility locations and other data related to waste services.

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Planning Scheme Map Theme

Planning Scheme Mapping
View a wide range of mapping themes directly related to the most recent FCRC Planning Scheme.

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Underground Infrastructure Assets Map Theme

Underground Infrastructure Assets
View a range of underground assets including stormwater, sewer and water mains.

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Typography and Imagery Map Theme

Topography and Aerial Imagery
View contours and aerial imagery throughout the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

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Community Facilities Map Theme

Community Facilities
View the locations of a range of community services such as boat ramps, parks, schools, hospitals and more.

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Disaster Management Map Index

Disaster Management
View disaster management related mapping including flooding, evacuation and flood gauges.

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Dog Map Theme

Dog Management
View dog related mapping including dog off leash areas and locations of dog poo bag stations.

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Flood Hazard Area Map

Flood Hazard Area Map
Flood Hazard Area map, as adopted by Council resolution 07/09/2016.

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Access all Fraser Coast Regional Council Mapping

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Not sure which map theme you need? You can access all FCRC mapping via the link below.

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